Hamlin Township's Sesquicentennial


Sesquicentennial--it's a big word, but it means 150 years, which is what Hamlin Township celebrated in 2011. February 28th was its official birthday, and many activities took place to honor this special event.

In 1861, the Township of Hamlin was established, named after Hannibal Hamlin, the Vice-President at the time under Abraham Lincoln. Prior to being named Hamlin Township, it was called Little Sauble in 1851 by Charles Mears; then in 1854 it was known as Big Sauble. From there it was called Lincoln, and finally to Hamlin in 1861.

All through the month of August 150 American flags were displayed throughout the township along with Sesquicentennial banners. Residents also dropped off items at the Town Hall for the 150th birthday time capsule. It was buried at the Town Hall and marked with a plaque instructing that it be opened in 2061.

The Hamlin Lake area has provided so much fun and has created wonderful memories for generations of families. Hamlin Township's Sesquicentennial is indeed an event worth celebrating.

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